Midnight Bluestone Pool Coping Arris (Bevel Edge)

Midnight Bluestone Pool Coping Arris (Bevel Edge)


Midnight Bluestone is an extremely tough and dense natural stone. In contrast to other types of bluestone, Midnight bluestone has a richer, darker coloured black tiles. As a result, it provides a bold yet sophisticated look. Midnight Blue stone tiles and pavers are the perfect addition for any outdoor area. These bluestone pool coping tiles have absolutely no cat’s paw and makes maintenance far easier with just simple pressure washing and sweeping required.

The Midnight series is available in 2 different surface finishes all of which are non slip: Leather & Flamed. The natural dark smokey blue shade of these tiles will enhance the blue water of your pool for a cool hued pool design.

The drop face (rebate) edge “drops” over the edge of your pool at a right angle; creating a rustic natural slightly imperfect line and cleverly concealing the thin adhesive line from inside the pool.



Our Midnight bluestone pool coping bullnose tiles are perfect for homeowners who prefer a rich, darker tone with minimal cat’s paw. Please do keep in mind that because these copings are tumbled, it does mean they will have lippy edges.

This stone has slightly lippy edges and due to being lightly tumbled can occasionally have a slight chipping at corners or along edge, with length & width tolerances of +/-3mm and thickness variances of +/-5mm.

The drop down face can have an irregular 40mm +-5mm drop, making it look very natural as opposed to a more perfect lineal appearance that Harkaway Bluestone projects.

It can easily be laid in sand and cement were its very easy to adjust the bed height with an 8mm grout joint. Unlike with Chinese flamed bluestone, it simply gives you a more natural feel without any cats paw holes in the surface.

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