Midnight Bluestone French Pattern Tiles

Midnight Bluestone French Pattern Tiles


Midnight Blue is an extremely tough and dense natural stone. In contrast to other types of bluestone, Midnight Blue has richer, darker coloured black tiles. As a result, it provides a bold yet sophisticated look. Just like a little black dress, Midnight Blue Flamed tiles and pavers go with everything. Midnight Blue Flamed surface is a series of striking rich, dark black bluestone tiles and pavers offering you a cheaper darker alternative to genuine flamed bluestone tiles and pavers OR G684 Granite/Basalt tiles. 


Natural stone black tiles and pavers that look and feel luxurious without the expensive price tag.

As sophisticated as a little black dress, Midnight Blue looks sensational in a myriad of applications. Unlike Chinese bluestone, it has a rather unique flamed look surface, giving you a lightly textured non-slip surface. This stone has length & width tolerances of +/-2mm and thickness variances of +/-4mm. It can easily be laid in sand and cement, where its very easy to adjust the bed height with an 8mm grout joint. This bluestone paver is a contrast to Chinese bluestone, and gives you a more natural feel without any cats paw holes in the surface. You will get occasional natural layering on the surface of the tile which adds grip and adds to that natural look and feel of the tile.


Midnight bluestone pavers are perfect for outdoor paving areas such as around swimming pool pavers, pool coping tile, patio pavers, driveway pavers, stepping stones, garden paving areas, balcony and other large outdoor areas.

Quality: High non-slip rating, luxury textured finish, slight colour variations, easy to install and low maintenance required.

Sealing is highly recommended to protect the natural beauty of the stone and avoid staining and unsightly marks.

For a great PRICE, extremely durable bluestone pavers with the epitome of bluestone’s natural beauty. We recommend you follow the following guidelines when purchasing our Bluestone:

12mm thick: Tiles should be laid directly onto a concrete slab or great for balconies, decks or indoor floor tiles.

20mm thick: Pavers can be laid as above OR onto a compacted road base into a wet slurry of sand and cement

30mm thick: Pavers can be laid as both above or onto a compacted road base into a dry sand bed, great for tiling over easements or where you require water permeation.

Why choose Midnight Bluestone for your pavers?


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