Harkaway Bluestone Stepping Stones

Harkaway Bluestone Stepping Stones


Create a fun feature in your outdoor space with these bluestone stepping stones!  You can use these bluestone steppers as a simple garden path, as stepping stones to cross your pond, filler for the awkward space on the side of your house, or as a way to draw the eye and connect different areas of your garden together.

They come in organic round shape; perfect if you want to create a natural, free-forming aesthetic. They are available in three sizes (see below) and 20/30mm thicknesses. So we encourage you to play around with an arrangement to suit you. You are only limited by your imagination!

These bluestone stepping stones are so easy to lay – you don’t need a tiler. However, you’re welcome to call our friendly team of experts for advice.



Add a playful feature in your garden with these Bluestone Stepping Stones!

These Harkaway bluestone stepping stones are a fantastic addition to any outdoor space. As a result, you don’t need a tiler – you can lay them easily yourself! Use these bluestone pavers to draw the eye to areas in your garden such as a pond, firepit, BBQ area or patio. Due to their minimalist, organic design, these bluestone stepping stones complement all landscape designs and property layouts.

Genuine Harkaway bluestone contains between 30-50% catspaw, it is a natural occurrence in all bluestone here in Australia. If you want a sleeker finish, you have the option of filling in these grooves when grouting with our Bluestone colour matched grout or to leave them open as nature intended.

Homes all across Melbourne and Australia are making use of cost-effective solutions such as stepping stones, which help create informal pathways and bring your outdoor area together with its simplicity and practicality.

The sizes we have available are:

SMALL: 400-450mm diameter
MEDIUM: 500-750mm diameter
LARGE: 800-1000mm diameter

All of our bluestone stepping stones range from 20mm and 30mm thicknesses.

You can create a cohesive garden look by using the same size. By using garden stepping stones, you can mix and match sizes together to create a perfectly unique and individual look. Surface finish is sawn and will give a non-slip surface to your bluestone steppers.

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