Bluestone Wall Tiles & Wall Cladding Stone – Mushroom

Bluestone Wall Tiles & Wall Cladding Stone – Mushroom


Create a striking stone feature with these bluestone wall tiles. Perfect for creating a dramatic indoor feature wall or outdoor stone walling and stone cladding.

These stone grey wall tiles have a rocky natural texture that adds warmth and a wabi-sabi aesthetic to your space. Additionally, the understated charcoal tones allow for seamless styling for both traditional and contemporary interior and exterior spaces. 

Sizes: 800-200mm widths, 200mm high Approx thickness: 50-65mm


Want a stunning, timeless feature wall? Choose Bluestone Wall Tiles Stone Cladding!

Natural stone, particularly bluestone, has a timeless finish and is highly sought after by Melbourne homeowners. Bluestone has an understated colour range of sophisticated charcoal and greys, making it the perfect choice to tie your outdoor area together.

As a result, it will help elevate your interior design or outdoor space without overstimulating or jarring tones. Bluestone wall cladding is a fantastic choice for indoor and exterior wall cladding and seamlessly fits over existing brick foundations, stoneboard or besser block.

This bluestone cladding looks sensational in a wide array of aesthetics such as Hamptons, traditional and contemporary styles.

  • 100% Natural Bluestone
  • Easy to Lay
  • Weather Resistant
  • Interior & Exterior Use

Additionally, these bluestone wall tiles can be used for stone retaining walls, garden edging, letterbox cladding as well as a decorative stone accent.

If you’re looking for a complete Bluestone finish, you may also want to consider bluestone pavers to create a unique and visual harmony for your home.

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