Bluestone Crazy Paving – Natural Stone

Bluestone Crazy Paving – Natural Stone


Bluestone crazy pavers in natural stone are the best option for a broad range of paving projects. Whether you are planning to pave the driveway or install these stones around your swimming pool, bluestone is the most durable material for all kinds of residential and commercial paving applications. Now, as the name suggests, crazy paving doesn’t involve the typical way of laying the pavers. It is rather a free-flow pattern, in which, the bluestone crazy pavers are laid in a random pattern. Bluestone pavers are quite dense, which makes them a durable and versatile material for indoors and outdoors décor applications.

Our natural bluestone crazy pavers or flagstone pavers are non-slip in nature so can be easily laid around wet areas, especially for outdoor paving areas. 


Bluestone Crazy Paving is a great way to add a fun feature to your home!

These are boulder slices with a chipped edge, to eradicate any of the natural organically stained edge from the outside of the boulder. This is our premium range of Bluestone crazing paving, which is on display in our Doveton showroom.

Cleaning: Do not use hydrochloric acid for clean up as this can cause minerals present in the stone to react and may discolour the stone over a long period of time.

Maintenance: Just sweep when needed. Bluestone responds well to high-pressure cleaning. A solution of mild detergent and water, can be applied prior to pressure cleaning.

Natural edged crazy paving with no straight or sawn edges. 20mm and 30mm stocked, with other thicknesses available by special order. Product tolerances as follows: 30mm thick +-4mm or 20mm thick +-8mm

Pieces are approximately 200mm – 600mm in diameter.

Please note that these are not crazy paving offcuts – this product is true crazy paving with natural edges. Genuine Bluestone contains between 30-50% catspaw, it is a natural occurrence in all Bluestone sold here in Australia. If you prefer your bluestone pavers to not have the cat’s paw look, you can fill them when grouting using our Bluestone colour matched grout.

Why use Bluestone for your Crazy Pavers?


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