Melbourne's Finest Pool Coping

As one of Melbourne’s largest suppliers of bluestone pool coping tiles, you’ll find a huge selection of bullnose, drop down (rebate) and arris edge (square and bevel) pool coping pavers.

We stock a large supply of tiles available in different sizes and finishes, so depending on your needs and desired aesthetic, there’s a choice for every landscape and outdoor space.

All of our bluestone pool coping pavers are designed to complement your existing outdoor space and help draw in attention to your swimming pool.

Here at Bluestone Pavers Melbourne, we understand the importance of safety around particularly slippery areas like pools. All of our Harkaway, European and Midnight bluestone pool coping tiles come with non-slip rating.

Bluestone is the ideal material to use around pools, given it’s high tolerance to salt and resistance to staining. Natural stone pavers also respond well to pressure washing and sweeping, so it’s advised to stay away from chemical and acidic agents that may tarnish the stone’s natural beauty.

Pool coping tiles are not only stunning and versatile, they are also functional to seamlessly integrate your pathways to your pool area. With a wide range of different finishes, there’s a style suited to every swimming pool and desired aesthetic.

Aesthetic & Affordable Pool Coping Pavers

Preserving the structural integrity of your pool is key to it’s practicality and design, so choosing the right pool coping tiles is essential for Melbournians.

Our range of pool coping pavers are manufactured in an array of styles, from drop face (rebate), square-edge and bullnose are all viable and stylish options to suit any type of pool area.

Bluestone Pavers Melbourne is one of Melbourne’s oldest and most renowned supplier of pool coping, with over 35 years of experience supplying homes all across Victoria and Australia with affordable and functional tiles.

If you’re interested in using bluestone or bluestone pavers for your home, feel free to contact our friendly team of sales experts on (03) 9706 9767 for any assistance you may require.