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Bluestone Bevel Edge Pool Coping

Our collection of pool coping tiles in square edge (arris edge) is sourced from the finest Bluestone, meaning that no matter what aesthetic you’re going for – we have something for every pool owner.

If you’re looking for rich, dark tones that accentuate and draw attention, consider using Midnight bluestone pool copers and pair them with our Midnight bluestone pavers for the ultimate look.

Conversely, for homeowners that want a lighter, more earthy tone, European and Harkaway bluestone pool coping tiles may be the ideal choice for your outdoor space. We also provide matching pool pavers for both of these, so creating a uniform look across your pool area is made simple and looks stunning.

Pool edge tiles such as square edge pavers are perfect for creating a clean and minimal look. Although they aren’t as seamless as drop down (rebate) pool copers, they still provide you with a stylish, modern finish.

If you’re considering using pool edge tiles such as square edge to help refine your pool area in a functional and aesthetic manner but are unsure of where to begin, feel free to get in touch with our pool coping experts here at Bluestone Pavers Melbourne.